The RAKOVSKÝ & PARTNERS law firm was established as a business company in 2004; nonetheless, the core of the team, including all the partners, has successfully worked together since 2000. We are lawyers with extensive professional experience and wide practice in a number of areas, from justice, government and local government, international consultancy companies and banks, to legislation and pedagogical positions at universities. However, without exception, we have all obtained the greatest experience as lawyers working on the projects and cases of our clients.

We provide comprehensive legal services with emphasis on civil and commercial law, corporate law, litigations and administrative proceedings, transaction consultancy and real estate contracts. We are leading specialists in bankruptcy proceedings, execution and procedural law, public auctions and off court claims recovery. This excellence is based on our extensive work on projects for creditors amongst banks and for other institutional and private investors, where we have managed extensive portfolios of classified claims.

We provide legal analyses and comprehensive strategies, representation in specific litigations before the courts and other bodies, professional assistance for transactions and extensive services, especially for the business sphere. We ensure that the most suitable form of legal services is always chosen to achieve the set targets in accordance with the interests of the client and his preferences. We are capable of maximum flexibility in response to client requirements.


We defend the interests of our clients at all times and under all circumstances by all the legal means available. Client satisfaction and successful performance and development of his activities are as important for us as for the client himself. We believe in long-term partnership, where our top-quality legal support assists the client to excel and achieve his set priorities.

We always provide our clients with true and reliable information. We draw our legal conclusions on the basis of profound theoretical knowledge, following thorough analysis of the problem and with awareness of the case law. Detailed knowledge of the facts of the case on the basis of the documents provided always forms a basis for our work.

Each of us is personally responsible for the high quality of services for the client and for his satisfaction. We always look for a way to improve the value of the services we provide.

In providing legal services, our goal is to establish a long-term stable relationship with the client, based on a high level of professionalism and mutual trust. We also maintain proper relations with our competitors and other professionals on market, such as banks, securities brokers and other institutional investors, experts, consulting companies in the areas of audits, taxes and finances and bankruptcy trustees, notaries, judicial executors and auctioneers.

Our long-term strategy adopted to satisfy our demanding and sophisticated clientele encompasses concentrated efforts and high loyalty in work on specific contracts and also elaborate development of human resources. Constant education and professional growth are part of the careers of all the members of our team. The high level of our theoretical knowledge and time-tested procedures represent one of our main competitive advantages and are a high potential for the future, from which especially our clients can profit.

All the members of our team are extending their education; the junior lawyers mostly take advantage of internal training, and we all constantly study professional literature and case law and also actively participate in training programs and courses. Our post-graduate education is systematically concentrated on the key areas of our services. We gain our professional knowledge from external training, the Czech faculties of law and prestigious foreign universities. We publish articles in the professional press. We are convinced that the combination of extensive theoretical knowledge, wide-ranging experience and successful practical applications differentiate us from the competition and are of great benefit to our clients.

Two lawyers in our office are or were active in formulating legislation, in the preparation of the then-revolutionary Act on Judicial Executors, the expected reform of insolvency law and also in amending the Act on Public Auctions, the Copyright Act and some other laws.


Our expertise and professional experience are extended through on-going formal education, academic activity and extensive publication activities. Recognition of our knowledge is manifested in participation in legislative activities, from the Act on Public Auctions, the Act on Judicial Executors and the Copyright Act, to the recodification of insolvency law. The lecturing activities of JUDr. Adam Rakovský include lectures for judges at various levels of the courts in the framework of the Institut pro vzdělávání soudců Ministerstva spravedlnosti and, later, the Judicial Academy, for the employees of banks (Česká spořitelna, Československá obchodní banka, the Banking Institute/College of Banking (BICB)), for the employees of public-law corporations (health insurance companies, Czech Consolidation Agency), at universities (Masaryk University in Brno) and for the general professional public.