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GE Money Bank

Comprehensive consultancy, including representation in court disputes within the enforcement of a set of unpaid receivables.


Advice to the sellers in the sale of 100 % of shares and assignment of receivables from the company.


Advice to a foreign entity interested in privatization of the company.

Severomoravské vodovody a kanalizace (North-Moravian Water Supply and Sewerage Company)

Consultancy related to a public contract for provision of a syndicated loan equal to CZK 1.75 billion. Advice provided to the company in relation to a compulsory take-over bid.


Consultancy for an investor in the acquisition of a set of receivables from the Czech Consolidation Agency and their subsequent enforcement.

Advice related to termination of bankruptcy proceedings through a merger.

PMS Přerov

Consultancy connected with a decrease in the registered capital and other aspects of legal regulation of joint-stock companies.


Advice to the seller in the sale of 100 % share of the company.

TIBA, Nobleslen

Advice to an investor in the acquisition of property from the bankrupt’s assets.

Pivovar Steiger (SK)

Consultancy for a Czech-English consortium of investors related to the acquisition of a majority interest and assignment of receivables from the company.

Rybářství Telč

Advice to the buyer in the acquisition of a majority interest in the company, de-listing, squeeze-out, property restructuring and decrease in the registered capital.

METRA Blansko

Comprehensive consultancy related to a merger.

We work especially for successful business companies and other entrepreneurs and provide them with a wide range of legal services. Our clients also include other private entities or public-law corporations. We help them manage their assets effectively, implement business transactions, preventatively defend their interests in conclusion of contracts and entry into other legal relationships or efficiently resolve any disputes.

Our key accounts include Czech and foreign private and institutional investors, including banks; we have provided or provide services to four of the largest banks on the Czech market. We have also successfully implemented important and complex contracts for other clients active, e.g., in pharmacy, the food industry, retail, publishing, construction and the textile industry, and steel production. We also work for clients in the sector of services, particularly in the fields of consultancy, advertising, catering and inn-keeping.

Our public-law clientele includes central governmental authorities, professional and special-interest organizations and scientific institutions.